Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Objects say A LOT about a person

I am one of those weird people that love to collect things. The sort of things i love to collect are generally little bits of pop culture :)

Here are my small air fix Nazi army. They are so iconic! and if they miss behae i can just stamp on them! I picked them up in a charity shop, a box of maybe 300 soldiers for £3 :O bargain and a HALF!
Here is a magic crocodile that can swim through any surface an 11 birthday prez of my nan! she had good taste it's awesome!
Yes i know exactly what your thinking.............THATS FREAKING BAD ASS! I know i know. It has loads of little compartments for storm troopers it even takes a snow speeder :)
but alas i feel a little silly for buying this.........cost me £85 :/ oh well it looks friggin cool in my room! This is something that shows a lot about me: Obviously it lets you know i'm a sci-fi geek, that i dream of space travel and far off lands, that i dont particularly wanna grow up!, that i like building things and that im slightly careless with money and maybe have a slightly disposable income.
Hay R2 :)
this pen is nice :) but not as nice as the instruction of how to refill it :) arn't beautiful. They are like a finely crafted comic!
Here is the finest of all my nick naks. YES this is a note written by a year 7 appologising for taking the mik out of my shoes. The little prick was shouting absurdities at me in the corridor. Unfortunately u are now longer to give kids a slap. so i dragged him to his head of year and was like sort him out. Later in the day he turns up in my art class with this note. I nearly wet myself!!!!! :) Bring back the cain i say! Respect has gone to the wall in schools. It needs an over hall!

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