Tuesday, 20 April 2010

take one

This is starting too look nice mite need the odd tween and putting on 25fps rather than 12. You cant blame me for trying to get away with 12 :)

Friday, 16 April 2010

The Undiscovered Playthings — Good Plastic Gone Bad

The Undiscovered Playthings — Good Plastic Gone Bad
omg this is one of the best blogs iv ever come across! it a blog dedicated to thoose rip off toys u find on markets! so funny!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Objects say A LOT about a person

I am one of those weird people that love to collect things. The sort of things i love to collect are generally little bits of pop culture :)

Here are my small air fix Nazi army. They are so iconic! and if they miss behae i can just stamp on them! I picked them up in a charity shop, a box of maybe 300 soldiers for £3 :O bargain and a HALF!
Here is a magic crocodile that can swim through any surface an 11 birthday prez of my nan! she had good taste it's awesome!
Yes i know exactly what your thinking.............THATS FREAKING BAD ASS! I know i know. It has loads of little compartments for storm troopers it even takes a snow speeder :)
but alas i feel a little silly for buying this.........cost me £85 :/ oh well it looks friggin cool in my room! This is something that shows a lot about me: Obviously it lets you know i'm a sci-fi geek, that i dream of space travel and far off lands, that i dont particularly wanna grow up!, that i like building things and that im slightly careless with money and maybe have a slightly disposable income.
Hay R2 :)
this pen is nice :) but not as nice as the instruction of how to refill it :) arn't beautiful. They are like a finely crafted comic!
Here is the finest of all my nick naks. YES this is a note written by a year 7 appologising for taking the mik out of my shoes. The little prick was shouting absurdities at me in the corridor. Unfortunately u are now longer to give kids a slap. so i dragged him to his head of year and was like sort him out. Later in the day he turns up in my art class with this note. I nearly wet myself!!!!! :) Bring back the cain i say! Respect has gone to the wall in schools. It needs an over hall!

To boldly go where no man has gone before!

Thankyou emma for this belated birthday present :) it has been decided that this will in some way feature in this animation! I think the main character may have him on his bed side table as a reminder he should "live long and prosper" FUCK IM COOL!

some pre production work (oldish work)

(click me i'll go big)
Man the only thing i hate bout blogging is just how thin blogs are..... anyway this is a piece i did on foundation titled "yes boss." the actually prints about 4m long hopefully il print it off if i do an exabition this year. This is what i want the animation to look like. A mix of bold characters and photographs.

Starter ideas.

When i was 18 i had a job at the best starbucks in birmingham whilst working there i picked up loads of great storys. Things that happened to me and my colleges. Sex, scandel, lies, love, friendship and frapachinos. So i have decided to loosely base a story on the time i worked there.
The drawing above is taken from a biographical comic i have been writing. It's a picture of me being that dick at a fancy dress party who didn't dress up. This is the style im deffo guna work in. Using stickmen for crowds and anyone that isn't an integral character. I feel it makes it more engaging as it means the stick people are blank canvas and by giving them simple objects or poses can suggest the sort of person they are but not set it in stone. Also having them so blank makes it so they can be anyone. Meaning they can represent all the people we come in to contact on a daily basis but pay little or no attention to as we dont know them.