Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Starter ideas.

When i was 18 i had a job at the best starbucks in birmingham whilst working there i picked up loads of great storys. Things that happened to me and my colleges. Sex, scandel, lies, love, friendship and frapachinos. So i have decided to loosely base a story on the time i worked there.
The drawing above is taken from a biographical comic i have been writing. It's a picture of me being that dick at a fancy dress party who didn't dress up. This is the style im deffo guna work in. Using stickmen for crowds and anyone that isn't an integral character. I feel it makes it more engaging as it means the stick people are blank canvas and by giving them simple objects or poses can suggest the sort of person they are but not set it in stone. Also having them so blank makes it so they can be anyone. Meaning they can represent all the people we come in to contact on a daily basis but pay little or no attention to as we dont know them.

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