Sunday, 9 May 2010

The start of new prints.....ABOUT TIME!

So yes i've had a break of about two years form actually making any prints so it's nice to be back doing my 1st love! I aim to make some pictures of a city and just everyday life as concept art work for my animation next year and for a exabition i hope to do along side a screening of my animation. Here is the beginnings of the 1st print in the series, for now lets call it "the 16 is like a secound home" (Working tile)

This is how it began life as a picture of an empty 16 bus. Btw an empty 16 bus is rather rare! i Caught it at 5:30am in an attempt to get an empty was packed! madness! so i ended up stay ing on the bus till near the end of the route. The things i do!

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